Monday, September 7, 2009

I love holiday Mondays!

Yes, I do love holiday Mondays... Memorial Day... Labor Day.... because I can go to both of Claudine's classes at the gym! She teaches a cardio/weights bootcamp style class at 9am, and she teaches a Strength & Endurance Training (SET) class at 10. Normally, I offer to pick Claudine up & take her to the gym... that way I'm forced to stay for both classes! LOL! I feel great right now, and I won't even go pig out at a BBQ later. I just finished a salad and a couple of pieces of sushi roll for lunch... then a nap... and we'll see what else I can get into today!

A special, special HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my big sister, Kimberly (above in the green)... check her out on

I love you, Mizzle!!! Hope you're having a GREAT birthday!

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  1. 'preciate you, bumble bee! in the spirit of your blog, you would be proud to know that I RAN with Harry today. . .and I didn't even poop out too bad. Woo hooo!