Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Okay, so this isn't going to be a super long post...

I didn't officially report my first week of weight loss... wait for it....

5.2 pounds!  Yayyyy Weight Watchers!!!

I'm not naive enough to think I'm going to lose 5 pounds every week, but I'm glad to know it's working. The interesting thing is that my eating habits didn't change that much. I think it's choosing fruit over other snacks that is helping a lot.  I didn't deprive myself.  I went out to a charity happy hour on Friday night & had a cocktail... diet coke & rum, where I would normally have a vodka tonic.... WW made me pick the lower calorie mixer (smile).  They passed around appetizers all night & I didn't eat a single one. Made sure I had dinner before I went there, because I didn't want to have to figure out the points for random foods.  Saturday I went to the Staples Center for the Pac-10 Championship game & we went to Fleming's Steakhouse for dinner... I ordered a burger from the happy hour menu... it came with two big onion rings (which I didn't eat), and I took off the top bun because it wasn't a whole wheat bun.  Better choices... that's what it's all about.

Some pix from this weekend...

At the game....

Bright colors... I tried color blocking thanks to FASHION du jour!

My awesome Heart Rate Monitor after a crazy workout with Claudine (who now has a blog!)

I'm moving in the right direction... check the tracker above... down to 146.6! Whoo hooooo!

See you soon!


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  1. Love the "color blocking." You look amazing!

    I love you all the way to the moon and back again!