Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Setting Goals....

I generally try not to set huge, long term goals for myself when it comes to my weight... for example:  Even though I would love to weigh 125 one day, I don't set a goal at 125.  Otherwise, I'll get discouraged that it takes me a year to get there.  I'll set smaller goals like, "fit into these jeans I have on right now, but where I can slide them on with no problem fresh out of the dryer..." or " lose 5 pounds by Cinco de Mayo..."  Things like that.  My current short term goal is to be at comfortably at 142lbs by the beginning of May.  Why 142?  Who knows?  But I know I can get there, and if I'm at 140 that's even better.  My definition of "comfortably" is when I get on the scale it always says 142 or less.  I don't claim a weight until I can stay there for a week.  :-)

HOWEVER, I have set a long term goal for myself recently... that goal is to wear a bikini, with no wrap, and be happy about it, by my 40th birthday.  In fact, I'm going to have a bikini photo shoot.  How about that?  Now, all three of those pieces of the puzzle must be in place:

1.  wearing the bikini
2.  not wearing a sarong or board shorts or anything to cover my butt/thighs
3.  be HAPPY about it!

I can put on a bikini right now... would I step out in public?  Hellll to the naw!  But I will by July 26, 2011... It is going to take major WORK... and I mean MAJOR (say it like Victoria Beckham.. MAY-JAH!)  LOL!

You see that girl in the picture up there?  In that bikini?  With no wrap?  And clearly happy about whatever she is doing?  That's me as a child... I look to be about 4 or 5, just enjoying life.  That's my long term goal:  to take a bikini picture like that... and be HAPPY about it!!!  Wish me luck!


  1. LOVE THAT picture! Okay, why do you look just like Zachary on that pic??? I have a photo of him posed just like that that I will send you.

    LOVE THAT goal! I believe that vision is so key. . .thanks for inspiring us and for making us all want to get up and move! I'm rooting for your sexy, sarongless body!


  2. OK, I am in... MY goal is to stay under 250 until I get to be 70... LOL

    NO, Just joking. I will set some weight goals and size goal and go after them..
    Thanks Scoop Dog!!!!!