Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Late Night Update...

I'm up late, because I took a nice long nap this evening... so I thought I'd write a quick update.

Still loving my 6am workout.  It's hard to get up on Monday mornings, but once I'm out the door... it's all good!  Tomorrow is Tuesday Yoga Day, and that is always a challenge for me!  But I feel great when I'm finished. 

I actually tried a pole dance fitness class.... which turned out to be good and bad.  The good part was the stretching & burlesque part of it.  I did pretty good on that stuff.  The bad part was the actual spin they taught us.  Let's just say my clumsiness translates to the pole as well!  LOL!  I must have banged my left knee on that pole 10 times... and, yes, that is my BAD KNEE!  My physical therapist was not happy to see my bruised up/swollen knee the next day in my session.  Sooo, I'm chilling out on that for a while.  I may find a class that focuses more on burlesque & not the pole.  You almost have to feel the burn strutting around in high heels for an hour doing squats.  I loved that part -- just not so much banging my knee against the pole!  We'll see.  I recommend to those who are not so clumsy & don't have a bad knee that may get re-injured!  Here's a picture of me at my friend's birthday party in December... and, NO, I did not go for a spin! LOL!

Claudine had her baby two weeks ago, and she's started her bootcamp back up.  It works out perfectly, because she's having class Wednesday and Saturday... which are two days I don't do the Six Pack Mom workout.  On days when I'm not too tired (unlike today), I walk on the treadmill for a while in the evenings -- mainly to get my 10,000 steps in for the day.  I have a bodybugg (like the contestants on the Biggest Loser wear), and it tracks my steps & calories burned for the day.  I really like it.  My goal is to burn 2150 calories a day & to take in 1150 calories a day... the burning part is cool.  The taking in part... hmmm... still working on staying under 1150!  This week I'm really focusing on my nutrition, because I have the workout part on lock.

Alright... nap or no nap, I need to go to bed.... no matter how awake I am now, that alarm is still going to ring at 5am!!!


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