Sunday, May 22, 2011

Fat & Happy??? Try FIT & HAPPY!

Riddle:  Who has two thumbs and didn't weigh in again this Saturday morning??? 
Answer: This girl right here! LOL!

Okay, in my defense, I have had a VERY good reason to not weigh in... I am in a new relationship, and I have been spending the past few weekends with my guy.  Which is actually a good topic for this blog post!  I honestly didn't know what I was going to write about this morning, but weight gain during relationships sounds like a good idea.

We all know people who start dating or get married... and slowly start gaining weight, right?  They're looking at their wedding pictures 2 years later thinking, "What happened to that couple???" It happens.  Wives cook for their husbands... they're all in love... they both have the wife/husband they wanted, so they get lazy. The weight creeps on.  It happens!

I like to work out... obviously.  I am all about getting/staying fit & healthy.  Man or no man, this is all about ME. As I've really gotten into health & fitness I knew that I would not be able to date a man who wasn't interested in his health.  Okay, he doesn't have to be a crazy 5-6 day a week workout fiend, but he has to do SOMETHING.  One: no guy who isn't into keeping in shape will ever understand me.  We would clash.  I'd end up saying some off-handed remark about him being lazy & the relationship would end. Two: people who want to eat all the time & not workout are not the kind of people I like to hang with.  I can't date someone where every date revolves around food.  That's how new couples gain weight together.

Early on, The Guy (as I'll refer to him) and I established that we both like fitness & care about how we look physically.  Maybe it's kinda vain, but it works for us.  When we were "set up" by a mutual friend, one of the selling points she gave me was that he had an "athletic build"... I read that as, "he has a nice body." LOL!  Once we started talking, we immediately clicked on the health & fitness thing.  One thing about him is that he's from Louisiana & he likes to cook.  Oh boy, can he cook! So we do have some meals here and there that I would not normally eat, but that's the exception rather than the rule. His job keeps him in great shape & I have no complaints.  He loves that I work out a lot.  He even trained me through a session once... and it was INTENSE! No joke.  I didn't want to get all sweaty and busted-looking around him, but he didn't mind. LOL.   We have a joke between us that if either one gains a lot of weight (for no medical reason) then the other can leave the relationship with no argument.  I say it's a joke, but I kinda think we both are serious about it.  I know... it's a mess, but it keeps us on our toes.

Our motto:  "Fat & Happy??? Hell no! FIT & HAPPY!"

Here are a few shots from my 4 mile walk/jog when I was visiting The Guy recently...

The weather was PERFECT!

Crossing the bridge at sunset...

A little bunny I met at the park...

Oh, one more thing... Friday night, two friends (Claudine & Nicole) threw a "Bootcamp & Martinis" party. We all met at Nicole's house... Claudine led us in a workout... and we went over to a steep street nearby (Valley Ridge) and climbed it 3 times.  After the workout, we went back to Nicole's house & had healthy salads, veggies & low cal cocktails.  It was SO MUCH FUN!!!

Our "Bootcamp & Martinis" group! Go Girls!

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  1. Tell Claude that when I get out there we need some Bootcamp and . . .Vino. (Me and vodka don't mix.) But like I said before--if that ain't some WEST COAST, LA ish, I don't know what is! LOL!!!!

    You look amazing, Biz and "The Guy" is smart to recognize a good thing when he sees it!!!