Sunday, May 8, 2011

Three Weeks Off...

I didn't weigh in for 3 weeks!!! But when I weighed in yesterday, I had lost a pound.  For 3 weeks, that's not really super good, but it's better than gaining, that's for sure.

Nothing monumental to report... This has been a tough week for me, but things are looking better. I'm getting back on track & excited about the next couple of months!  I'm planning a party at the house for my 40th birthday... nothing too crazy, but with my friends and maybe some of my family (if they can swing it).

Here I am.... 80 days before my 40th birthday...



  1. You are one gorgeous 39 year old chica! Freckles and all!

  2. Hi. :) I just 'found you' from Kim's blog. Wow, thanks for post - what you're doing is really inspirational. And that's just what I was thinking, Kim.^^ Beautiful freckles like your sister. :)