Monday, October 19, 2009


I know... long time, no blog!  LOL!  I've still been working it out, as always.  Last week I started doing two-a-day work outs.  Basically, that means I work out two hours a day.  Maybe I'll do an hour of weight training with Claudine, and then I'll do an hour of treadmill intervals on my own.  Or I'll work out with Claudine, and I'll do a Zumba class.  Three out of my six workout days I'll do a double workout.  Today, I just finished working out with Claudine.  We did a Strength Endurance Training (SET) workout, which is some cardio bursts with mostly weights.  When I finish blogging, I will get on the treadmill and walk on an incline while I watch Judge Judy on TiVo...

This weekend I attended my 20 year high school reunion.  I didn't lose the 20lbs I initially planned to lose before the reunion, but I trashed that plan a while ago.  I'm happy with how I looked at the reunion.  My class looked pretty good 20 years after the fact!  Here I am in my green dress & gold shoes (Thanks to my sister, Kimberly, for convincing me to buy the shoes a couple years ago!  They were perfect!)

I know this is a short post, but I have to jump on the treadmill!  Later!!!

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