Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Holiday Mantra...

I'm finally getting back to my old self with my workouts.  Claudine is on vacation, so I'm working out on my own for the next two weeks.  It's good timing, because I'm getting my "mojo" back.  Mostly sticking to the treadmill & doing my core workout.

I just wanted to share my plans for the holiday season... I made a goal to lose 5lbs over the holidays.  I won't use the Thanksgiving/Christmas/Holiday parties as an excuse to lose weight.  I will enjoy myself, but I will also work extra hard to make sure I don't put on pounds during the next month. 

So here's my holiday mantra.... feel free to adopt it for yourself!

but DO NOT GAIN!!!

I'm still feeling GREAT.... so let's get it!  Don't fall back into old habits during the holidays!!!

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