Tuesday, November 3, 2009

A Plus For Me...

Long time no blog, but I promise I've been getting my workouts in!  The picture above is the step in my home gym... I keep my sneakers there.  I'm the person with the treadmill at the house who actually uses it. :-)  It's not a clothes rack for me.  Sometimes when I'm on the couch I'll just get up, lace up my sneaks & start walking.  Having the treadmill right there is a plus for me.

Somehow I've decided that walking/jogging is something I can get into lately....  I'm pretty sure the number one motivator is my Nike+ iPod kit.  Thank you to the good folks at Nike & Apple for coming up with this little gizmo.  Basically, there's a chip that goes in my sneakers that sends a signal to my iPhone while I'm walking or jogging.  It is calibrated, and it keeps track of how far I go.  It's not a pedometer.  It's for deliberate walking/jogging/running type exercise.  I just love it to pieces.  You can set it for distance, time, or calories... or you can set it at nothing at all.    I usually choose "none" because I'm on my treadmill at home watching TV.   If I'm at the gym or outside, I can listen to the music on my iPhone... periodically a voice will come in and say, "1 mile" or "15 minutes", depending on what setting I've chosen.  When I'm done, sometimes the voice will say, "Congratulations, you've just recorded a personal best in the mile."  It remembers what I've done.  I sync it with my laptop, and I can keep track of all my "runs".  There are people all over the world using the Nike+ system, and you can find various challenges on the Nike+ website.  The first walker to log 25 miles in November... or the first runner to 50 miles, for example.

A feature I really love is the "Power Song".  You can pick a song that pumps you up or motivates you, and that's your Power Song.  You can press a button & your Power Song will come right on if you're feeling like you need some motivation.   My Power Song is "Victory" by Yolanda Adams.  I don't know why, but that song always gets me going again.  Below is a link to the song:

I'm pretty sure Yolanda Adams could sing the white pages, and it would pump me up... but there is something about her singing, "I've got, got the victory, I've got the sweet, sweet victory in Jesus, yes I do" that inspires me.   Sometimes I'll play my Power Song right when I start, and then I play it again when I'm almost done to get me through the home stretch.  I'm feeling good!!!

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