Sunday, August 30, 2009

Lazy heat...

Something about hot weather makes me really lazy! I'm keeping up with my workouts, but it is a struggle in this heat. I had a good workout & eating week. I only had one session with Claudine on Wednesday, but I was good about doing my own workout on the other days. Lately it's been 30 minutes of weights followed by 30 minutes of cardio. I finish with some core work for about 10 minutes. I guess something is working, because I weighed myself this morning, and I've lost three pounds! Whoo hoo!!!

Yesterday, I decided to take a drive by the beach.... and I lucked up on a parking spot!!! I decided to take a walk along the strand. It wasn't really a "workout" walk... but it was a nice time to walk, get some sun, people-watch, and just enjoy the day. Afterwards, I got my Pinkberry & headed home. It was a GREAT day!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Weight ain't nothin' but a number...?

I had an interesting talk with my dad this evening. He was telling me how he's cutting certain things out of his diet, because his waistband was getting a bit tight on his pants. I'm currently going through a weight thing... it's strange... I got to a point where I could fit into certain jeans that I hadn't fit into for years. I'm very happy with the way I look, but I certainly want to lose more weight (remember that 20 pounds???) My problem is the number on the scale... that number has increased, but my size hasn't. I know I'm doing a lot more weight training, and that has to account for some of the weight gain. But I've been so fixated on the "number" on the scale for so long, that it's hard for me to get past the fact that my body is changing for the better. I'm building up my muscles. Maybe the problem is the scale sitting right outside of my kitchen door. Something told me to put it there, and when I walk into the kitchen I'll think about it when I want to eat something bad. I probably just need to move it somewhere else & keep going with my workouts. Sure, I could cut some things out of my diet as well, and I will... but I have to stop worrying about that darn number on that darn scale!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Getting Stronger...

Happy Tuesday! It's been a crazy weekend/week so far, but I've been doing great with my eating and workouts. I've worked out every day since last Thursday.
Saturday: bootcamp
Sunday: treadmill
Monday: solo weight lifting session with Claudine (which was GREAT!)
Today: treadmill (while watching my BravoTV shows)

I had lunch today with some coworkers, and I ordered a yummy salad. After lunch, we went by this new cupcake/bakery called Susie Cakes. Oh my goodness... I didn't get anything, and I didn't even taste anyone's sweets. For me, I can do without sweets... until I eat some. Once I get that sugar rush, I want more! So I passed on the cupcakes and cookies. I'm proud of myself, but I'm sitting here right now thinking about a red velvet cupcake! LOL!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

My day off became a day on...

Earlier this summer I was going to Sand Dune Park in Manhattan Beach (above). It is a brutal hill of sand that is probably 100 feet high... What a GREAT workout! However, due to the rising temperature I had to put my dune trips on hold. Now when the weather is starting to cool down, I was thinking of hitting the dune again. But the city is closing the park for at least a couple of weeks. So many people are going to the dune that it has to be periodically restored. They have to move the sand that has shifted to the bottom of the hill back up to the top. Another problem is that it gets SO crowded, and the residents start to complain. There isn't much parking around the park, and lots of people have to park on the residential streets. It's a mess, but I'm not sure how they'll fix that problem. It's popular, it's free, and it's a killer workout.... and when it's open again, I'll be back at it! The last time I was there, I climbed the dune 8 times. That was my record! It might take a couple of trips to get my legs back, but I'll get back up to the 8 soon enough.

As for my workouts... Thursday is normally my day off from working out. I either get my hair done or get my pedicure. Today, my pedicure appointment was accidentally scheduled for Friday, so I really had no reason not to work out. I did an hour on the treadmill & worked up a great sweat. This has been a pretty good week. I was on the treadmill on Monday, sessions with Claudine on Tuesday and Wednesday, and treadmill again today. I guess my eating has been okay, but I'm really thinking I need to go back to counting points. I need to write it down and be really diligent about it. I don't feel like I'm making any progress in terms of my weight loss. I get stronger everyday, and I get more stamina & endurance... but in the end I also want to drop those 20lbs! I'm going to start off by having a good eating weekend!!! Peace!

Monday, August 10, 2009

Rough Monday...

Today wasn't a very good day. I lost a great friend, and the LAST thing I wanted to do was exercise. As if reading my mind, Claudine had some child care conflict, and our workout session was moved to tomorrow. I didn't work out on Sunday, because I went to the jazz festival, but all I wanted to do was veg' out on the couch. Rather than feel bad about it tomorrow, I got up and hit the treadmill. Four miles on a 5.0 incline... not so bad. I feel better, and the workout helped me release some of the frustration built up over the day.

Rest in Peace, Dr. Alvin Tabor. You are loved!!! Your light will continue to shine forever!!!

Saturday, August 8, 2009


The good news is that I worked out on Friday (treadmill, abs, arms), and I went to bootcamp Saturday morning (and it was hot!) However, I ate fish and chips on Friday night. I'm not going to feel really bad about it, because I've been doing great with my eating this week. Tomorrow is a day out at the jazz festival, so I just need to make sure I make good choices while I'm there!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

A Day of Rest...

I had three hard workouts on Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday, so today was a much needed day of rest for my body... specifically my HAMSTRINGS! LOL! Very much on fire today, but I'll be back at it on Friday. No pain, no gain!!!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Tuesday Thoughts...

One of the things I'm most proud of in the last year is my dedication to working out. I've somehow learned to enjoy working out. If I go two consecutive days without some form of deliberate exercise, I feel bad. Sounds crazy, huh? But I absolutely love it.

One of the main reasons for this change is my introduction to Claudine. I like the way she trains me, and it has helped me "mix up" my workouts. Before I met Claudine I was a "30 minutes on the treadmill" or "an hour on the treadmill" girl. I didn't even think about picking up weights or doing squats & lunges. I'd go into the gym, do some cardio, and leave the gym. Now I know that I have to incorporate strength training into my workouts. I also know that it's better to either 1) go back and forth between weights & cardio, or 2) do the weights first & finish with the cardio. My natural inclination was to start with cardio & lift weights afterwards (maybe!) Most of the time I would go in the gym & jump on an empty cardio machine... an hour later I'd be too pooped to think about walking upstairs to get on a weight machine! I've learned to exercise "smarter".

So that's all for now... by the way, I had a great workout today... 30 minutes of weights & 30 minutes of treadmill intervals!

Monday, August 3, 2009

Getting Started...

Today is Monday, August 03, 2009… July was a GREAT month! I turned 38, and life is good. However, I have let my eating habits get the best of me. So today I’m getting back on track & I’m 100% committed to losing 20lbs before my class reunion in October. In honor of my 20 year high school reunion I plan to lose 20 pounds! These 20lbs are 20 that I’ve lost before… I have to get back down to 135, at least, before the reunion. I weighed myself this morning, and the damn scale said 155.5lbs! WTH? Good grief… Still liking the way I look, but it’s time to step it up to the next level. So I’m starting this online journal, and we’ll see how things progress!