Sunday, October 2, 2011

Juice Master...

Well, I would start this by saying how I'm going to do better about blogging, blah blah blah... but, I won't even front. I'll blog when I think about it. LOL.

So much has gone on since my last post nearly 2 months ago.  Work is good... been keeping busy with my friends... my relationship ended a month ago, which I'm a lot more okay with than I thought I'd be when it was in the process of ending... And, of course, my workouts are great.  I started this "30 Days of Workouts" thing with some friends back on July 30th.  The 30 days has now extended to 65 days for me... I guess that's what inspired me to blog today.  Every day I have to do at least 30 minutes of DELIBERATE exercise.  Not accidental... not 30 minutes of dancing at a party... deliberate exercise.  It might be a power walk at lunch, or it might be a workout at the gym -- but it's at least 30 minutes of intentionally getting my heart rate up & sweating!

I only weighed in twice since June... I was 138.6 on June 4th and 141.2 on August 13.... I'll take it. 2.6 pounds gained over two summer months... which included my 40th birthday? I can live with that.

For the past week I've replaced one meal a day with juice.... actually, Naked Juice Green Machine.  Depending on how the day is going, I either replace lunch or dinner with juicing.  Nothing else changed. I eat my nonfat Greek yogurt for breakfast, a decent lunch (I don't even run from carbs, but I do choose whole wheat stuff if I do have carbs), and then I drink juice the rest of the day.  So far, it's only been Naked Juice, but actual "juiced" juice would also be fine. My dad has become the Juice Master with his new Breville juicer, so I may get some juice from him.

Yummy! And I really mean that!

My latest Costco run... Naked Juice, marina sauce & FAGE Greek Yogurt...
Whole wheat pasta with chicken sausage, marinara & broccoli... a typical lunch or dinner.

I weighed myself at home on the trusty Wi scale last Saturday, Sept 24.  My weight was 142.5 lbs.

When I weighed myself Saturday morning I weighed.... drumroll please....... 138.3.  Down 4.2 pounds in one week.

I did go to Weight Watchers & weigh in... my official WW weight is 138.4... lowest I've ever been on WW... :-)

Sept. 27, 2011

Everything is going well... we'll see what happens next! Think I'll go get some juice...