Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Hump Day Update...

I am super bad at blogging these days, but just wanted to post a quick update. Things are going great! I am currently at 144lbs... and dropping. I went to New York for four days & I managed to eat, drink & be merry without being a total food cop to myself. I actually ate PIZZA, which was downright delicious. I walked a lot & I even got up one morning for a jog. So it was a great trip.

I got a bit off track with my morning workouts, but I'll be back on my game in May. My initial three months is ending. I was going to give it up due to cost, but the teacher is going to charge me $99 a month for May, June, July & August. Four workouts a week... As long as I get to at least 10 classes a month I'll get my money's worth!

Okay, gotta run (literally!)... Toodles!