Sunday, November 13, 2011

Hair Chronicles...

Hey Hey Hey... I'm back with a blog! Today's blog is prompted by my recent hair changes. My hair has always been about shoulder length... never much longer since I've been an adult.  I have naturally curly hair. Every other week, I go to the hair salon & have my curly hair washed, blow dried, pressed & flat ironed.

Straight hair look...

For my 40th Birthday bash, I had my stylist of nearly 15 years, Desiree, put a little "extra" hair in just for fun... this look was just glued in tracks that lasted about a week...

40th Birthday Party, July 23, 2011

Not to be confused with last summer's long hair... that look was a full head of sewn in weave... lasted about 3 months... Super easy, and I loved it!

Summer 2010

About a week or so after my 40th birthday party, I had the glued in tracks removed & went back to my normal straight one week, curly the next week cycle...

August 2011

I'm not sure what happened, but for some reason I decided to stop straightening my hair maybe at the end of August or so... perhaps it was my break up... or it could have been turning 40 & just refocusing what was really important.  I decided that straightening my hair was not a priority anymore.  I've never been one to not work out for a few days after I get my hair pressed.  So I'd go to the salon on Thursday, and Friday or Saturday I'd be sweating in that $65 hairdo.  Not only was it a waste of money, it was a waste of time for me AND for Desiree. I know she appreciates the money, but why have her slave away over a head I'm gonna sweat out the next day?

Sept 11, 2011

Sept 27, 2011
I still went to the salon every two weeks for a good wash, condition & usually color for my gray hairline.  But I would have Desiree braid it up all over, put a curler on the end, and I'd sit under the dryer.  The result was the very cute, curly look above... Cute, but a lot of work. My hair doesn't naturally curl up like this. My hair curl is MUCH tighter.

In October, I decided that I didn't want to do the work required for that curly look above, so I needed to cut off the ends of my hair that have been getting straightened for over a decade. Those ends don't curl up quite right due to years of heat damage.  

Oct 23, 2011

It wasn't a big stretch for me... I'm no stranger to short hair. When I was in law school back in 94-95, I cut my hair off (back when it wasn't so popular to have natural hair!) I loved it.  

June 1996

Back to present time, I've cut off a little more in the back, and it's just about to where I like it.  I haven't decided if I'm going to let it grow crazy big, because I like it how it is right now.  I'll see how it goes... I've kept my every other week appointment with Desiree.  I'm loyal to her, and I love her like family. She is 100% on board with my new natural 'do. Sure, I've gone from paying her $70 every other week to $20, but I enjoy her company & she keeps my gray at bay :-)

Me on 11/11/11

I say ALL that to say this... not having to think much about my hair is such a relief.  Being fit & healthy, which means working out hard, which means SWEATING... is my priority.  I didn't go natural because I think perms and presses are bad.  I did it, because straight hair was not working with my lifestyle. Do what works for YOUR hair and YOUR lifestyle! 

Okay, back to my football game... GO TITANS!