Sunday, November 13, 2011

Hair Chronicles...

Hey Hey Hey... I'm back with a blog! Today's blog is prompted by my recent hair changes. My hair has always been about shoulder length... never much longer since I've been an adult.  I have naturally curly hair. Every other week, I go to the hair salon & have my curly hair washed, blow dried, pressed & flat ironed.

Straight hair look...

For my 40th Birthday bash, I had my stylist of nearly 15 years, Desiree, put a little "extra" hair in just for fun... this look was just glued in tracks that lasted about a week...

40th Birthday Party, July 23, 2011

Not to be confused with last summer's long hair... that look was a full head of sewn in weave... lasted about 3 months... Super easy, and I loved it!

Summer 2010

About a week or so after my 40th birthday party, I had the glued in tracks removed & went back to my normal straight one week, curly the next week cycle...

August 2011

I'm not sure what happened, but for some reason I decided to stop straightening my hair maybe at the end of August or so... perhaps it was my break up... or it could have been turning 40 & just refocusing what was really important.  I decided that straightening my hair was not a priority anymore.  I've never been one to not work out for a few days after I get my hair pressed.  So I'd go to the salon on Thursday, and Friday or Saturday I'd be sweating in that $65 hairdo.  Not only was it a waste of money, it was a waste of time for me AND for Desiree. I know she appreciates the money, but why have her slave away over a head I'm gonna sweat out the next day?

Sept 11, 2011

Sept 27, 2011
I still went to the salon every two weeks for a good wash, condition & usually color for my gray hairline.  But I would have Desiree braid it up all over, put a curler on the end, and I'd sit under the dryer.  The result was the very cute, curly look above... Cute, but a lot of work. My hair doesn't naturally curl up like this. My hair curl is MUCH tighter.

In October, I decided that I didn't want to do the work required for that curly look above, so I needed to cut off the ends of my hair that have been getting straightened for over a decade. Those ends don't curl up quite right due to years of heat damage.  

Oct 23, 2011

It wasn't a big stretch for me... I'm no stranger to short hair. When I was in law school back in 94-95, I cut my hair off (back when it wasn't so popular to have natural hair!) I loved it.  

June 1996

Back to present time, I've cut off a little more in the back, and it's just about to where I like it.  I haven't decided if I'm going to let it grow crazy big, because I like it how it is right now.  I'll see how it goes... I've kept my every other week appointment with Desiree.  I'm loyal to her, and I love her like family. She is 100% on board with my new natural 'do. Sure, I've gone from paying her $70 every other week to $20, but I enjoy her company & she keeps my gray at bay :-)

Me on 11/11/11

I say ALL that to say this... not having to think much about my hair is such a relief.  Being fit & healthy, which means working out hard, which means SWEATING... is my priority.  I didn't go natural because I think perms and presses are bad.  I did it, because straight hair was not working with my lifestyle. Do what works for YOUR hair and YOUR lifestyle! 

Okay, back to my football game... GO TITANS!



  1. Great post! Thanks for sharing and I certainly feel ya! I have a sew in right now just b/c it is easier to maintain. I visit my hairdresser on a weekly basis normally. I have only been going every other week to get it washed and that is definitely easier on the pockets!


  2. Your hair is gorgeous!!!!!!!! I am happy you have great sew in experiences me not so lucky. Maybe because I'm too impatient? Oh we'll! Love your hair and I think you have the perfect look for your lifestyle! You are super fierce :-)

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