Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Getting Stronger...

Happy Tuesday! It's been a crazy weekend/week so far, but I've been doing great with my eating and workouts. I've worked out every day since last Thursday.
Saturday: bootcamp
Sunday: treadmill
Monday: solo weight lifting session with Claudine (which was GREAT!)
Today: treadmill (while watching my BravoTV shows)

I had lunch today with some coworkers, and I ordered a yummy salad. After lunch, we went by this new cupcake/bakery called Susie Cakes. Oh my goodness... I didn't get anything, and I didn't even taste anyone's sweets. For me, I can do without sweets... until I eat some. Once I get that sugar rush, I want more! So I passed on the cupcakes and cookies. I'm proud of myself, but I'm sitting here right now thinking about a red velvet cupcake! LOL!

1 comment:

  1. Let's hear it for willpower! Susie Cakes sounds pretty awesome. . . . LOL! Harry and I have been eating vegan for the last 10 days. . .not trying to be vegan for good or anything- just on a no animal products kick for a minute. You are dreaming about cupcakes- I am dreaming about steak!