Thursday, August 13, 2009

My day off became a day on...

Earlier this summer I was going to Sand Dune Park in Manhattan Beach (above). It is a brutal hill of sand that is probably 100 feet high... What a GREAT workout! However, due to the rising temperature I had to put my dune trips on hold. Now when the weather is starting to cool down, I was thinking of hitting the dune again. But the city is closing the park for at least a couple of weeks. So many people are going to the dune that it has to be periodically restored. They have to move the sand that has shifted to the bottom of the hill back up to the top. Another problem is that it gets SO crowded, and the residents start to complain. There isn't much parking around the park, and lots of people have to park on the residential streets. It's a mess, but I'm not sure how they'll fix that problem. It's popular, it's free, and it's a killer workout.... and when it's open again, I'll be back at it! The last time I was there, I climbed the dune 8 times. That was my record! It might take a couple of trips to get my legs back, but I'll get back up to the 8 soon enough.

As for my workouts... Thursday is normally my day off from working out. I either get my hair done or get my pedicure. Today, my pedicure appointment was accidentally scheduled for Friday, so I really had no reason not to work out. I did an hour on the treadmill & worked up a great sweat. This has been a pretty good week. I was on the treadmill on Monday, sessions with Claudine on Tuesday and Wednesday, and treadmill again today. I guess my eating has been okay, but I'm really thinking I need to go back to counting points. I need to write it down and be really diligent about it. I don't feel like I'm making any progress in terms of my weight loss. I get stronger everyday, and I get more stamina & endurance... but in the end I also want to drop those 20lbs! I'm going to start off by having a good eating weekend!!! Peace!

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