Monday, August 24, 2009

Weight ain't nothin' but a number...?

I had an interesting talk with my dad this evening. He was telling me how he's cutting certain things out of his diet, because his waistband was getting a bit tight on his pants. I'm currently going through a weight thing... it's strange... I got to a point where I could fit into certain jeans that I hadn't fit into for years. I'm very happy with the way I look, but I certainly want to lose more weight (remember that 20 pounds???) My problem is the number on the scale... that number has increased, but my size hasn't. I know I'm doing a lot more weight training, and that has to account for some of the weight gain. But I've been so fixated on the "number" on the scale for so long, that it's hard for me to get past the fact that my body is changing for the better. I'm building up my muscles. Maybe the problem is the scale sitting right outside of my kitchen door. Something told me to put it there, and when I walk into the kitchen I'll think about it when I want to eat something bad. I probably just need to move it somewhere else & keep going with my workouts. Sure, I could cut some things out of my diet as well, and I will... but I have to stop worrying about that darn number on that darn scale!

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  1. Babygirl, you are ahead of a whole bunch of people! I personally am a big proponent of daily weighing- for the same reason you have the scale in the kitchen. Plus or minus two pounds is no big deal, but up five is real, not water. Even in my pregnancies I weighed myself daily upon my doctor's recommendation, which really kept me in check. I suggest you focus on all of the AMAZING health benefits you are getting from all that you are doing, and know that the more you weight train, the more effectively you burn fat.

    You look awesome, by the way. . .and I know that it will only continue to get awesome-er! (Is that a word??) LOL! Seriously, though, you also seem to be FEELING awesome, too, which counts the MOST.

    Love you and so proud of you, sis! You are inspiring SO many people. . . .