Sunday, September 27, 2009

The Beast...

Sooo, I didn't do the US Bank Tower challenge on Friday... I didn't think I was ready for 75 flights straight up (even though I did 105 flights on the Evil Escalator on Tuesday -- not the same thing...)

A friend of mine told me about this fairly new walking trail with a staircase.  I looked it up, and the pictures looked insane... concrete steps built into a mountain... no hand rail... crazy, right???  Of course, that meant I needed to go check it out.  I went this morning, and it was indeed insane.  It's not normal stair climbing... the stairs are tall.  Some are over a foot high, and spaced out all different ways.  It felt like climbing bleacher benches... but way worse.  LOL.

There is also a trail that zig-zags up the mountain.  I climbed up the stairs, and I walked down the trail.  The stairs are much to crazy to climb down.  Four times on my first visit to the place, so I was very content.  Thankfully, it was nice and overcast Sunday morning as I started to climb.  The sun came out during my third time up.

This is a view from near the top...  I affectionately named it "The Beast!"

I'm going to go stretch some more... hopefully I'm able to walk tomorrow....


  1. you are tired of having someone to take your car to the shop and fix little things around the house, then take me to that hill...

  2. I started wheezing just looking at the pictures!!!

  3. Pops, you don't ever have to worry about seeing The Beast, because I will NEVER get tired of my Handyman Daddy! LOL!