Sunday, September 20, 2009

The Evil Escalator...

I've been mixing up my workouts a little bit by going to the gym.... yes, I actually have a gym membership, and I do go to the gym from time to time.  (ha ha)  Sometimes the treadmill gets a little boring, so I mix it up with the elliptical machine or the StairMaster... or "The Evil Escalator" as I like to call it.  This thing is just brutal... I mean, seriously???  It's basically walking up the down escalator.... um.... FOREVER!  But it certainly is a great workout.  I like this machine when I want a stair climbing workout, because I never have to climb down stairs.  So that's good for my knees, and I don't take breaks like I do climbing actual stairs... oh, wait... is that a good thing?  Hmmmm....  I dunno.  Anywho... I tackled that beast for 25 minutes today, and then I headed to the spa for a massage.  Yahoo!!!

I worked out every day this week.... and I'm pretty sure I'll work out ever day of the coming week (except Thursday)... I promise I'm taking Thursday off!!!  Thursday is pedicure day!!!

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